• Can you print jobs that are different than the standard formats that you offer?
    Yes we can. All you have to do is mail us your requirement and we will be happy to share valuable proposition and alternatives.
  • What is stand pf Replika Press on issues of Privacy and Security?
    We comply with India’s New Data Protection Legislation and ensure that information received is not shared with any party for commercial purposes. No information we collect for processing of order or from inquiries is shared with any other company or website. Further, all personal details you share with us will only be used to contact you when necessary in handling your job/project delivery and timelines.
  • What kind of equipment does Replika Press work with?
    We are well equipped to deliver various printing options in Eight – Colour, Five – Colour, Four – Colour, Two – Colour, Single – Colour with installations from Heidelberg and KBA – the best and leading suppliers of presses and equipment in the industry the world over. We work with the latest technology and continuously strive to introduce new models to ensure maximum quality and efficiency to our clients.
  • How can I get a cost estimate for my proposed project?
    We suggest you e-mail your work requirements to our marketing team at info@replikapress.com and we will get back to you with an estimated cost for the work at the earliest and engage with you actively in your pursuit of quality with best competitive cost.
  • What type of storage media does Replika accept?
    We accept a wide range of media including CD, DVD, 3.5 discs, Blue Ray Discs. We are also open to discussing any other relevant media for file sharing with our clients in order to scale-up our file handling capabilities with changing times and technology revolution.
  • How can I be assured of your typesetting quality?
    Replika offers an exclusive and complimentary typesetting trial of 24 pages in soft copy delivered to you electronically, completely FREE of charge.
  • Do I have to know a lot about printing to work with you?
    Not necessarily, we have an experienced staff who will work with you on your print job/project. We will guide you with helpful suggestions for everything from choosing paper quality, appropriate binding options among other things required. We provide samples of all materials that will be used for your satisfaction before beginning any full-fledged production.
  • Does Replika provide Project Management, Digital Transformation facilities?
    On the receipt of the manuscript, Replika Press will offer complete project management facility like - editing, typesetting, drawing of line diagrams, mailing and uploading proofs to authors and contributors. The company incorporates corrections and liaisons with the authors to provide print-ready PDF files.
  • What are the pre-press approval options with Replika?
    PDF files received or uploaded are checked page-by-page for missing fonts or any other errors. RGB, CMYK, overprints and bleeds are intimated within 24-hours. Pre-checked files are ripped using Preps as per the output format. Plotters are provided on FOGRA approved calibrated inkjet printers from Epson and HP, which are duly folded and trimmed to the size of publication in near exact matching to the print quality
  • How does Replika Press ensure quality control?
    Replika Press has a strong Quality Control (QC) team to monitor the job from day one. Every job undergoes a 100% QC test at various levels at least twice before it is delivered to the client.