The Management

Mr. Bhuvnesh Seth

Managing Director
Mr. Bhuvnesh Seth, Managing Director at Replika Press is the man behind this progressive organization. His tireless diligence for over thirty years in the printing industry in India has helped Replika business grow leaps and bounds. An entrepreneur and a visionary, Bhuvnesh Seth’s leadership drive at manifold levels has ensured that the company always remains ahead of time.

Mr. Jagdish Seth

Director (Business Promotion)
Mr. Jagdish Seth, Director (Business Promotion) is a man with a firm belief in customer before Replika and keen eye for opportunity and value addition. His impeccable business sense and acute intellect are critical to his role in Replika Press. He is a pillar for the company, a guide an invaluable asset.

Mr. Sanandan Seth

Director (Marketing)
Mr. Sanandan Seth, Director (Marketing) has the ability to continuously looking out for new and emerging opportunities. Apart from having distinctive leadership qualities, Sanandan has developed key qualities which assist him in creating strategic masterpieces that have translated into many international associations and alliances for Replika Press.

Mr. Vikaran Seth

Director (Production)
Mr. Vikaran Seth, Director (Production) has a remarkable sense of latest trends in print production and clear understanding of the relation between time and money which urge him to ensure timely completion of every project with astute sense of production process and systems.