Our Infrastructure

Digital Printing

  • Printing

    Canon Colour iPR C7010VP-4 Colour

    • Canon iPR C7010VP - iPR C7010VP (ME + FS + PS) toner + starter, ipr server A2200, Finisher AJ1
    Canon Colour iPR C650-4 Colour
    • Canon iPR C650 - iPR C650 (ME + FS + PS) toner + starter, ipr server A2200, Finisher AJ1
    • (Size :- 13X30)
    Canon Oce VP 6250
    • Oce Vario Print 6000 Ultra + base module
    • Universal docking kit for process right
    • Input Interface Module-A1
    • Paper Input Module Standard- A1
    • Speed option VP6200
    • Speed option VP6250
    • Streaming VP6XXX
    Canon Oce VP 6160 Ultra Process Module 6000 Series
    • Process module 6000 Series
    • Heavy packing process module
    • Postscript VP6XXX. PCL VP6XXX
    • Paper input module - large 350 x 500mm
    • Oce PRISMA prepare Base
    • PRISMA prepare Software Pack V5
  • Binding Solutions

    Folding Machine

    • Heidelberg Stahl Folding TA-52
    • Heidelberg Stahl Folding TA-51
    Megabound Inline Casing in Joint forming Press
    • Inline Casing In and Joint Forming Press X-PRESS BOOK LINE Consists of inline casing in with gluing station & auto book feeding along with inline Joint Forming & Thermal Hydraulic Press with PLC based control System.
    Megabound Semi Automatic Case maker
    • Model Active Dual Plus consists of Hot melt gluing station, automatic board fixing station with vacuum bed, Separate brush turningin unit table with 2 pass 4 fold operation & calendaring station with PLC Based control system.
    Gathering & Sewing
    • Muller Martini 3210 Hand feed
    Soft Cover Binder
    • Wellbound single clamp with PUR and hot melt facilities
    • Wellbound single clamp 520MM.
    System Binder
    • Kolbus KM 470, 27 clamps with end sheet pasting stations with online Sighloch Nipping and smashing NHG -60 connected to Rima book block stacker.
    • Pollar RA 4-1 X T-T cutting system computer controlled and programme networking system.
    • Auto bond Mini 76 TH automatic laminating machine featuring rising pile feeder with Heidelberg feed head
    • Semi Automatic Filming Machine YFMI 920
    Three Knife Trimmers (Off line)
    • SDY2 Perfecta Three Knife Trimmer